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April 2014:  Since my last update I have become a Consulting Editor for Communio, the International Catholic Review; spoken at a World Youth Day ecology conference in Rio; spoken again at Oxford; and spoken at a United Nations Parallel Event during the meetings on the Commission on the Status of Women. I had some help in updating broken links and adding a few things on the website, but in general I do not do any work on  it anymore.

As always, everyone is welcome to send ideas, suggestions, broken links, etc.



Hello everyone! I am partially back from my hiatus. My doctoral dissertation was successfully defended in Spain in March.   Over the past couple of years I presented parts of it at Oxford, at Yale University’s “Human Rights and Environment Dialogues,” at World Youth Day in Madrid, at the international “What is Life?” conference in Krakow, and other places. My wonderful defense committee included a member of Spain’s National Academy of Science and a member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

[My disssertation was on the philosophical, metaphysical, and theological underpinnings of an understanding of the environment/creation/nature, specifically on a “Third Trajectory” that goes beyond the First Trajectory of mechanical, extrinsic “scientism” of modernity (that is, a truncated form of real science, which in its atomism, dualism, and worship of utility is already rejected by both “deep ecology” holists and postmoderns); and at the same time, responding to many of the tensions the Second Trajectory face (especially the unique place of the human person,  a response to the Heideggerian critique of metaphysics,  the flight into ambiguity so ardently embraced by so many ecophilosophers, and much, much more) into a Third Trajectory that leaves nothing that is good in the other two behind, but which illuminates an understanding of the category of “relation” (as in: we are all related to one another and to nature) that includes integrity of persons and the beings of nature rather than their dissolution – again, and much, much more].

In the upcoming months I hope to FINALLY be adding new sites and maybe some new features. So keep sending broken links, new sites, etc.

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