A Message from the Webmistress

Hello All. This website is now officially on hiatus while I try to finish a doctoral dissertation on ecological philosophy/theology. At first I thought I would just take it down since I am not keeping it up, but honestly, not a day  goes by that someone doesn’t email me and thank me for it, so I will keep it up as is.

David Burch has sent me a copy of his new book, How to Use Plastic Sextants, which is awesome and packed with information. It would be useful for anyone learning about sextants, as it has sections on how to use them, read them, correct errors, and much much more. So buy one whether you have a plastic sextant or a metal one!

Just because I am on hiatus doesn’t mean you can’t write to me about anything, including broken links! 
Be kind to each others! Don’t put any beans up your noses while I’m gone!

A Reminder from 2009:

Rodger Farley has a great website and free PDF book AND free software – Celestial Navigation in a Teacup.   I urge you to check it out – it’s great.

As always, if you buy anything from Amazon, I hope you will use the link at the bottom of this page – my only income for the site…

Very busy with a thousand other projects….hope to write soon.

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