The Vikings

The 1,000 year anniversary of Leif Eiriksson’s Voyage to North America has led to an explosion of information on the Vikings. The above is the Islendingur, a replica of an 870 AD Viking ship that voyaged from Iceland to New York City between June and October of 2000. The man on the far right is Captain Gunnar Eggertsson, a direct descendent of Leif, who built the Islendingur. The other two are crew members. My son’s Sea Scout Ship was an official escort at one of Islendingur’s stops, and your webmistress sailed through a glorious starry night to rendezvous with the Viking ship.   This picture is from Wikipedia Commons.





Secrets of the Viking Navigators



Draken Harald HårfagreGreat photos, including the one on the left, by Art Bicnick

at the Reykajvik Grapevine.






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