Your webmistress uses that term, rather than webperson or webmaster, with the same ironic stance taken by some of the new generation of young women, who have taken back the sometimes condescending (when used by adults of other adults) girls, and proudly call themselves “grrrls.” She likes the term because it has 21st century connotations and medieval-renaissance connotations.

Your  webmistress has graduate degrees in philosophy (all-but-dissertation) as well as literature and theology from Yale [UPDATE: as of March 2012, she also had a PhD from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, on the metaphysics of nature].  She believes a bad day on the water is better than a great day on land, and doesn’t get to sail anywhere near as much as she’d like. Her favorite star is Fomalhaut, but she is also partial to Aldebaran, the eye of the constellation Taurus, and named her classic Bull’s-Eye (get it?) sloop (just 15’8, hull designed by Herreshoff) after it. She believes that one of the most beautiful things the eye can behold is the line where the ocean meets the sky.

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